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Inflection Moments can be make or break for Leaders and their Organisations.

There are internal and external pressures to contend with, from internal team or structural changes to shifits in a market, fundraising or regulatory landscape. Meanwhile there are few "right" answers - which means we have to tap into our inner convictions,motivation and courage as Leaders.

Most importantly, Inflection Moments require us to juggle different time horizons simultaneously:

The Hour Hand

Dare new directions

The Minute Hand (Medium Term):
Ignite Team Potential

The Second Hand (Short-Term):
Align Motivations

The Watch Face
(All Time Horizons):

Learn to Learn

All four elements of DIAL are fraught with challenges.

Navigating an Inflection Moment won’t work if key stakeholders are disengaged, and history is littered with great companies who failed to Dare New Directions in the face of external shift.

That’s why a Guided Inflection Journey can be so powerful, providing leaders and their teams a powerful process, tools, spaces and support from Sharath to safely navigate your inflection moment, helping you reach places you wouldn’t have reached otherwise.

Each Journey is unique as is the place they reach, but typical benefits include:

Stronger Organisational

Increased External Traction 
(e.g. Market Success. Fundraising etc)

Greater Leadership
Clarity & Direction

Increased Motivation and Purpose for the Leaders themselves

Intrinsic Leaders has taken over 150 leaders in over 35 organisations on Guided Inflection Journeys of this type, these include:


Public Sector Organisations



Philanthropic Foundations

Venture Funds/Venture Studios

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