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Each Guided Journey is deeply customised to the needs of a specific organisation or cohort of


A typical Guided Journey lasts from between 6 to 12 months, with different touchpoints with Sharath.

These include Facilitated Workshops, 1:1 Coaching Sessions, Group Reflective Sessions,
Strategic Debriefs and MasterClasses.


Guided Journeys can be standalone with an organisation (typically with a CEO and her/his
Leadership Team) or embedded into a wider
Leadership Programme.


Although each Guided Journey is unique and different, they typically take one of two forms:

Typically lasts 6 - 12 months, involving ten touchpoints with Sharath throughout the process, in the form of Group Workshops, 1:1 Coaching Sessions, Distributed Leadership Workshops & Master Classes. In instances of urgency, the interactions can be accelerated into a 2 - 3 month period.

A Full Guided Journey 

The Journey can be embedded into a wider leadership offering for Leaders and Organisations. Sharath partners with leading academic organisations, leading training organisations and networks in this way. There are typically five touchpoints for every Leader with Sharath, usually consisting of Group Workshops & MasterClasses.

An Embedded Guided Journey 

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