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The Intrinsic Leadership Network consists of Senior Leaders within Intrinsic Labs' client partner organisations. Collectively these Leaders impact the lives of over 100 million people, in over 20 countries
and across every major sector. The Network meets four times
a year for peer-learning, reflection and collaboration. 

Adliya van Niekerk
CFO, Innovation Edge (South Africa)

Agata Stafiej-Bartosik
Co-Director, Ashoka Poland (Poland)

Alison Wood
Academic Director, Homerton Changemakers,
Homerton College, Cambridge University
(United Kingdom)

Andrea Basunti

Chief Meaning Officer, Meaning Agency (United Kingdom)

Anthony Kerman

Training Hub Clinical Lead, Islington GP Federation,

National Health Service (United Kingdom)

Alejandro Serrano Saunders

Co-Founder & Chief Scientific Officer, UMore (United States)

Alexandra Pilavachi Country

Co-Director, Ashoka UK & Ireland (United Kingdom)

Alexi Di Marco

Head of Talent, Ark (United Kingdom)

Allan van der Meulen

CEO, Zlto (South Africa)

Amy Major
Associate Director, Said Business School, Oxford University
(United Kingdom)

Annika Küngas

CEO, Teach for Estonia (Estonia)

Azad Oommen

CEO, Global School Leaders (United States)

Binita Modi

Director, Iprobono

Brian Sims

CEO, One World (United States)

Byron Anson

Wellness Programming Lead, Shopify (United States)

Christina Bwana

COO, Ubongo (Tanzania)

Cris Bloomfield

Architect, Microsoft Education (EMEA). Formerly
Leader at Imperial College London (United Kingdom)

Christine Davies

Senior Solicitor, Jones Day (United Kingdom)

Cynthia Hansen

Managing Director, Innovation Foundation (Adecco Group) (Switzerland)

Dan Berelowitz

Director of Philanthropy, This Day (United Kingdom)

Davina Whitten-Eisenacher

Senior Talent Manager (Learning and Leadership), Skyscanner (United Kingdom)

Emily Evans Chief

Executive & Founder, The Economist Educational Foundation (United Kingdom)

Farhaan Valji

Director, Newton Preparatory School (United Kingdom)

Emmanuel Manyasa

Executive Director, Usawa Agenda (Kenya)

Gaurav Dudhoria

Founder & CEO, Mammoth Analytics (Portugal)

Gor Nazarayan

Director, Teach for Armenia (Armenia)

Henry Faber

Co-Founder & Director, Oppidan Education (United Kingdom)

Hilary Grubb

Global Disputes Team Member, Jones Day (United Kingdom)

Ida Karlberg

Executive Director, Teach for Sweden (Sweden)


Global Knowledge Lead (Org Development), Teach For All (Kenya)

Joe Collins

Chief Innovation Officer, The Philanthropy Workshop (United Kingdom)

Jyotin Sethi
CEO, JKS Restaurant Group (United Kingdom)

Kajal Sanghrajka
Country Head UK, Abu Dhabi Investment Office (United Kingdom)

Kenneth Sim

Dean, Chandler Academy, Chandler Institute of Governance (Singapore)

Laura Irving

Chief Marketing Officer, JKS Restaurants (United Kingdom)

Llewellyn Fredericks

CEO, Innovation Edge (South Africa)

Maciej Kuziemski

Managing Director, Philanthropy for Impact (Poland)

Mariam Faruqi

Managing Director, IProbono

Mark Smith

CEO, Ada: The National College for Digital Skills (United Kingdom)

Marlon Parker

Founder, RLabs (South Africa)

Michele Volpi

Founder, Volpi Ventures (Italy)

Mike Dilorio

CEO, Marble Bar Asset Management (United Kingdom)

Mwasi Wilmore

CEO, Ubongo (Tanzania)

Nahee Valji

Director, Newton Preparatory School

Nes Yilmaz

Health & Wellbeing Lead, NCL Training Hub,
National Health Service (United Kingdom)

Niall Smith

CEO, TBA21-Academy (United Kingdom)

Nisha Lingoni

Co-founder, Ubongo (Uganda)

Pankaj Sharma

CEO, Transform Schools (India)

Piero Marigo

President – International Business, Pelican Products (Spain)

Rebecca Swindells

Partner, Jones Day (United Kingdom)

Richard Smith

General Manager, Yves St Laurent Beauty, L’Oreal (United Kingdom)

Rutger Zietsma

CEO, Manus Neurodynamica (United Kingdom)

Salma De Graaff

CHRO, Skyscanner (Netherlands)

Samina Zahir

Director, Hybrid Consulting

Sebastián Jaramillo Tiremos

Founder & Innovation Director, Tirando X (Columbia)

Shareena Hatta

Head of Social Innovation Projects, Innovation Foundation (Adecco Group) (Switzerland)

Shireen Lock

Principal Learning Technologist, Imperial College London (United Kingdom)

Sian Maddrell

Regional Director, ARK (United Kingdom)

Sunaina Sethi

Chief People Officer, JKS Restaurant Group (United Kingdom)


Sion Richards,

Global Disputes Partner, Jones Day (United Kingdom)

Sameer Sampat

Philanthropy Leader (United States)

Shresta Jana

General Manager UKI (Kiehl’s, Urban Decay & other brands, L’Oreal (United Kingdom)

Sophie Bailey

Founder & CEO, Worktripp (United Kingdom)

Steven Bowen

Founder / Partner, Sustainable Investing (United Kingdom)

Sunita Arora

Formerly Co-Founder & Regional Director, One World
(United States)

Tanushree Narain

Co-Founder & COO, Transform Schools (India)

Tariq Fancy

Founder, Rumie; ex-CIO for Sustainable Investing at BlackRock (Canada)

Teresa Mbagaya

Principal, Imaginable Futures (Kenya)

Victoria Giaever-Enger

Lead, Research & Curriculum, Chandler Institute of Governance (Singapore)

Walter Kerr

Co-Founder, Oppidan Education (United Kingdom)

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