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Are you struggling to stay motivated and committed
as a Leader?

Are you feeling the
sense of connection 
and belonging among your team dwindling?

Are you finding it harder to identify how your organisation stands out in an increasingly crowded 
and competitive landscape?

The first step is to ensure that you truly are at an inflection Moment - a make or break moment
where the shape of the future will be different from the present and past.


An Inflection Diagnostic can help you understand whether you truly are at an Inflection Moment.

Diagnostics typically involve interviews with key

internal and external stakeholders.


Below are typical questions that are covered in an Inflection Diagnostic:

Are you grappling withwhat the core “secret sauce” of yourorganisation really is?

Are you feeling a sense of the organisation “drifting”and lacking the purposeit once had?

The following criteria will help you decide whether you are at an Inflection Moment:

Please book a call with Sharath to discuss the
and depending on the level of urgency,
you’ll receive advice, a taster workshop with you and key stakeholders, or an immediate
introduction to the full Guided Journey Process.


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