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A Guided Journey will support you
to safely navigate your Inflection Moment
and FutureProof Success.


Organisations Supported

Are you facing an inflection moment in 
your organisation, or in the external environment?

Are you looking to now climb the next mountain, 
but in a way that feels deeply authentic and distinctive?

Are you hoping to nurture the full motivation 
and potential of your team on this journey?

Mike Dilorio
CEO, Marble Bar Asset Management

"Sharath provided the space for our leadership team to reflect deeply on the direction we wanted to take, and how to ensure that collectively and individually we worked towards achieving that direction."

Matthew Connisbee
Dean of the MBA Programme, Said Business School, University of Oxford

"The Guided Journey Sharath has designed and run for our Leaders was twice oversubscribed in its very first year. It's created a space for them to reflect on their long-term career and life direction, and we are now expanding it across the MBA Leadership Programme."

Dr Alison Wood
Fellow, Homerton College, University of Cambridge

"The walls and corridors here are buzzing with the energy and perspective Sharath provided, and the wisdom and insight in facilitating rich and deep discussions."

Salma De Graaf
CHRO, Skyscanner

“Sharath worked with our senior leaders at a critical inflection moment for Skyscanner. His ability to encourage honest and challenging reflections helped to reinforce our commitments as leaders in how we set the right conditions for organisational and people potential.”

Jyotin Sethi
CEO, JKS Restaurant Group;
Sunaina Sethi, People Director

"Our Leadership Team and I have benefitted hugely from Sharath's guidance. It's led to a sharp and distinct focus on nurturing the supporting the potential of our Leaders within our restaurants, which will build the foundation

for the next inflection moment of our growth."

Emily Evans 
Chief Executive, The Economist Education Foundation

“Sharath’s deep insights have led to meaningful improvements in the design of our programme and our plans to scale, as well as giving us more clarity about our internal core purpose as a team.”

Rutger Zietsma
CEO & Founder, Manus Neurodynamica

"Sharath has enabled our leadership team, board and investors to align around an exciting new direction as we look to the new frontier of Alzheimers and Parkinson's diagnosis, with validation from groups like the FDA and a significant new funding round in place. He has also helped me work with my team to define the next chapter of our growth and culture."

Cynthia Hansen
Managing Director, Innovation Foundation (Adecco Group)

"Sharath's support of our Venture Studio Approach has led to stronger team alignment, cohesion and shared direction among our venture builders, and for us a Leadership Team. It's been invaluable to helping our innovative offering achieve greater scale and impact."

Shreshta Jana
General Manager UKI - Kiehl’s, Urban Decay, IT Cosmetics

“Sharath supported the L’Oreal Luxe UK&I Management Committee and Senior Leadership team to face an inflection point driven by consumer market shifts. In particular, he helped us create deeper engagement and belonging within this evolving team.”

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